OPSIS SYSTEM PVT LTD can undertake high scale mapping projects using DRONE under “Make in India” scheme along with Post-Processing software to generate 3D Surface Model or 3D point cloud and Ortho-Mosaic of images.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)


The UAV is an acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which is an aircraft with no pilot on board. UAVs can be remote controlled aircraft (e.g. flown by a pilot at a ground control station) or can fly autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans or more complex dynamic automation systems. UAVs are currently used for a number of missions, including reconnaissance and survey.


Drones can be used by companies to create accurate current topography maps with elevation contour lines, and detailed 2D and 3D models


Applications using UAV


The UAV is currently used for various applications in diverse fields like Disaster Management and Rescue operations, Mining and constructions, Oil & Gas sector, Industrial / Electrical Assets inspections, Precision Agriculture and many more


































·         Volumes and Profiles

·         Digital Terrain Model , Digital Surface Model

·         Contours and Textures

·         3D Photogrammetric “heads-up” feature digitizing


Basic Operations


The basic operation of UAV is very simple and includes three simple steps


a)    Flight Planning and Management

b)    Actual Flying

c)    Processing the collected images.


(a)  Flight Planning and Management


There are three components – a Ground station device, a android based tablet and the Bird.


Ground station            :  The Ground station is like a small router device. It connects

                                   the tablet and the UAV bird.


Tablet              : The Google map in the tablet enables the user to draw his own

                                   area of interest where the flight will be occurring.


UAV                            : It flies to collect either video or still photos.


(b)  Actual Flying – Images or VIDEO


Once the Ground station is activated with the tablet and connected with the bird, the UAV starts flying and comes back to the original position once it is over. The images are collected in the SD card. The same can be used for collection of video streaming during time of disaster or reconnaissance survey of desired area.


(c)  Processing the collected images


The images are download from the SD card from bird and transferred to the post processing software. The software creates the layout from the GPS positions on-board the UAV and tries to mosaic them. The photogrammetric software derives the 3D points and creates Digital Surface model and contours automatically.


VIDEO STREAMING: The sensor boarded can also be used for video streaming while flying over the desired area. The video images are streamed directly as it flies over the area giving a real picture of the happening below on the ground for better management and assessment.






Output from UAV photos is JUST LIKE A MAP












Step – I : Use UAV from Throttle Aero Space Pvt Ltd

a)    Use the Flight Management Software in Tablet (supplied with UAV) to mark the area

b)    Fly the UAV

c)    Copy the images from UAV to computer


Step – II : Use Post Processing Software from Racurs, Russia

a)    Download the images and create a block

b)    Use GCP and control points to make Block Adjustment

c)    Create 3D points / Digital Surface Model

d)    Use the above surface to create ortho-photo


Step – III : Use GIS/Image Processing software TNTmips from MicroImages,USA

a)    Digitistion of features

b)    Attachment of Data

c)    3D analysis

d)    Modeling











Conclusion : Thus OPSIS can address end-to-end solution right from collection of images, to process them and use GIS solution for analysis and modelling all from a single window. The same can be used for video monitoring too. The services not only include delivery of system and software but also necessary support and training on the system.


The UAV from Throttle Aero Space, India, the processing software Photomod from Racurs Russia and GIS/IP software TNTmips from MicroImages,USA make the offer one of the most complete and robust solution in the industry.