• Convert areal/satellite imagery, scanned maps to Web tilesets
  • Tilesets are specially structured for efficient viewing over the web in a browser based Geoviewers (e.g. Google maps, Bing maps etc.)
  • TNT Mips provides options to create Standard web tilesets and supports Geometric tilesets, Web terrain tilesets
  • You can use Assemble Geomashup process in TNTmips to design custom web pages
  • Geomashup provides option to present multiple predefined layers of Geospatial data in a browser based Geoviewer
  • Published web pages can be viewed over internet/intranet on desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Features include familiar zooming/panning control, layer control and interactive query to highlight map elements
  • WebGIS Sample (Click on West Bengal > Birbhum Dist > Bolepur Municipality - Used for demonstration purpose.)